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Tallac35 Ultralight Backpack - Blue

Tallac35 Ultralight Backpack - Blue

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The Tallac35 is a 35-liter pack designed for epic day hikes, ultralight overnighters, minimalist section hikes, or as an alpine summit pack. This durable ultralight pack is constructed with a variety of fabrics, each with a specific design purpose. The pack design maximizes water resistance by utilizing waterproof coated fabrics, combined with seam sealing technology.


  • 35 liter carrying capacity
  • Waterproof coated fabrics
  • Sealed internal seams
  • Dual purpose back panel / seat pad
  • Two reachable side pockets
  • Roll-top closure
  • Side compression straps
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Frameless Design
  • 20lbs max capacity
  • Designed and tested in the USA


Main Pack:

447.6 grams/15.78 ounces

Removable Accessories:

Removable Back panel:
30.2 grams/1.07 ounces

Removable Hip Belt: 
48.7 grams/1.717 ounces

Removable Hip Pocket (1): 
33.9 grams/1.209 ounces

31.1 grams/1.097 ounces

Ice Axe Fastener:
5.39 grams/0.012 ounces


  • Height: 18 in / 45.7 cm
  • Width: 11 in / 27.9 cm
  • Depth 6.5 in / 16.5 cm
  • Extension of collar adds another 12” / 30.4 cm of height


Total: 2,176 cu in / 35.6 L

Main body: 1,286 cu in / 21.1 L

Large Exterior Pocket: 596 cu in / 9.7 L

Side pockets: 292 cu in / 4.7 L

Recommended comfort weight capacity: 20 lbs.


Torso Length Fit

XS/S: 12.5-15.5-inch torso. (Commonly fits people 5'6" and under)

M/L: 15.5-19-inch torso. (Commonly fits people 5'5" to 6'0"+)

An appropriate backpack size will vary based on your torso length, which is a measurement from your C7 vertebra to your iliac crest. The C7 vertebra is the bony bump you can feel along your spine when you tilt your head down and feel in the area where your shoulders and neck meet. The iliac crest is the top of your hip bones.  To measure your torso length, stand up straight and have someone measure from the C7 vertebra downward along your spine to the height of your iliac crest.

Hip Pocket System Fit

The waist size can be adjusted from approximately 28 to 46 inches. The hip pocket system consists of a waist belt and hip pockets. The hip pocket system can be adjusted to two torso sizes on each pack (XS/S or M/L). The waist belt is attached to one of the two rectangular rings on each side of the pack back panel. The top ring is for a shorter torso and the bottom ring is for a longer torso. The hip pockets have loops that slide onto the waist belt and can fasten in a preferred location with Velcro. The hip belt is fastened to the waist with side release buckles. Each pocket provides over a liter of volume.

Design and Construction

Main Pack Body: The main body of the pack is constructed as a rolltop structure with a combination of 210 and 400 denier ripstop polyester, both with a waterproof coating, and square woven micro-gridstop design in black. The majority of the pack is constructed with the lighter weight, but highly abrasion resistant 210 denier ripstop polyester. The pan is constructed with our strongest fabric, the 400 denier ripstop polyester, which is intended to provide increased durability against common abrasions on the bottom of the pack. All internal seams are seam sealed to add additional water resistance from the elements.

Large Exterior Pocket: The large exterior pocket is constructed with a combination of 210 denier polyester with high strength cross
weave gridstop and a double reinforced black power mesh. This pocket is intended to store gear for easy access, or for drying out wet gear throughout the day. The Gridstop fabric comes in four color ways (black, orange, blue, and purple) that provide unique color accents that pop against the black main pack body. This fabric is designed to provide added abrasion resistance to this pocket and to provide a structural transition between the main pack body and the mesh in the pocket. The black power mesh is designed with a double layer of fabric to increase strength and abrasion resistance while providing the elastic functionally necessary for a high use large exterior pocket. 
Side Exterior Pockets: The two side exterior pockets are constructed with a combination of 210 denier ripstop polyester and a double reinforced black power mesh. The pocket is designed for storing water bottles, trekking poles, and other items. The black power mesh has a double layer of fabric to increase strength and abrasion resistance.

Shoulder Straps: The shoulder straps are constructed with ½ inch closed cell foam with spacer mesh on the chest side, and 210 denier ripstop on the front side. The straps are 16 inches long and have a Molle webbing system sewn into the straps. An adjustable sternum strap is attached to the Molle webbing system. Ribbon is sewn into the front of the chest strap in two locations for securing a hydration tube.

Frameless Design: The backpack is a frameless design that incorporates a dual-purpose back panel pad that is removable for use as a seat pad during rest stops. The pad is ½ inch closed cell foam that is secured in a pouch constructed with black power mesh.

Hydration system: The backpack is hydration compatible and includes a mil-spec ribbon sewn into the top of the internal compartment and has a hydration tube port to feed the tube to the chest strap. The hydration tube can be secured to the chest strap with a ribbon sewn across the width of the strap.

Ice Axe Loop: For snowy treks, or summit days, a classic ice axe loop is sewn into the bottom of the pack and cast slightly to the right. The design allows minimal obstruction with the gear that is stored in the large exterior pocket when the ice axe is attached. The axe handle is fastened to the top of the pack with a cord lock system.


Accessory adjustable/removable hip pocket system: A hip pocket system can be attached to provide additional storage volume and convenient access to small items such as a phone, snacks, and sunscreen. The hip pocket system consists of a waist belt and two 1-liter hip pockets. The hip pocket system can be adjusted to two torso sizes on each pack (XS/S or M/L).


  • Hip Belt: 48.7
    grams/1.717 ounces
  • Hip Pocket: 33.9
    grams/1.209 ounces

Accessory bear cannister straps: Bear cannister v-straps can be attached with a cord lock and side release buckle system that can be quickly attach to sewn-in lashing loops. A bear cannister is mandatory for overnight trips in certain national parks and wilderness areas such as Yosemite National Park and Desolation Wilderness. The straps can be used for common bear cannisters. Note that a BearVault 250 fits easily inside the pack. The BV450 will fit inside, but will take up 8L of space, leaving around 13L of usable internal space. A BV500 would require the use of the v-strap.

  • Weight: 31.1 grams/1.097 ounces

Ice Axe Fastener: A removable ice axe fastener comes attached to a lashing loop at the top of the pack. Drop an ice ax handle down through the ice axe loop at the bottom of the pack and fold it upward to the fastener. Use the fastener to cinch the axe tight against the pack. Perfect for those early spring or winter treks but can be removed for summer treks where you don't need the weight.

  • Weight: 5.39 grams/0.012 ounces
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